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After The Match, The Game Begins

After The Match, The Game Begins

Kenny McCall and John Robb
Hardback, John Blake Publishing
Date Published
Jul 2007
The Dundee Utility stands apart from other football firms. Its members are drawn not from the supporters of one team, but from two - Dundee United and Dundee FC - all of whom share the same passion: their city. The two bands of fans stand united, except on derby day, of course! In this compelling book, authors Kenny McCall and John Robb present the complete inside story of the Utility from their unique positions, each supporting Dundee United and Dundee FC respectively. The accounts of the action-packed adventures of the firm leave nothing to the imagination and include the most memorable battles with their fiercest rivals, the Aberdeen Soccer Casuals, plus the clashes with the Glasgow Rangers ICF and Edinburgh's Hibernian CCS, who were for a long time one of the most feared mobs in Europe. When a new generation of Saturday lads took over the firm, they hoped to have the same impact as their predecessors. Instead, this was to be the beginning of the end of the Dundee Utility. The activity of the firm met with tough police action and twenty fans were subsequently jailed for their parts in the hooligan activity. Written from the perspective of two fervent fans who were in the thick of the action with the Dundee Utility, this forthright book pulls no punches in its telling of how life really was amongst the foot soldiers of the firm - the highs and the lows, the violence and the comradeship. It is the full and uncompromising story of how two became one...

About The Author
Kenny McCall was born in Dundee in 1971 and is a devoted husband and father to two beautiful children. He has been an engineer since he left school and is a passionate follower of Dundee United. John Robb was born in Dundee in 1972 and has trained and worked as a printer since he left school. He is a passionate follower of the other club in the city, Dundee FC. He is a devoted husband.