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The Inbetweeners - Best Bits     

We know, we know, this might seem a bit premature considering the second film isnít out until August 6th, but trust us here. 

Today is Blake Harrisonís birthday and, seeing as he plays Neil in The Inbetweeners, we thought it might be a good idea to tell you about our favourite moments...


Bookin' About Town     

Last weekend, Claire and I took a little trip into the centre of London. We braved the (almost unbearable) heat and set off in our best walking shoes to visit some of the book benches commissioned by the National Literacy Trust for Books About Town.  

Being the organised (and picky)...


July Releases!     

July Releases  

We donít want to talk about the fact that itís July (already!) but we do need to tell you about our July releases, so we hope you appreciate our dilemma here.  

We promise that we have some excellent reads coming out this month, so weíve picked a few of our...


Father's Day     

Fatherís day: one of the most terrifying days of the year. What the heck are you meant to get your dad, for crying out loud? He already has alcohol and food, so what else could there possibly be?  

Donít worry, ladies and gents, weíve got you covered. Here are the great buys you...



 Itís June 4th. Whilst itís also Angelina Jolieís birthday today, our entry today is going to be all about cars. 

I know, I know, it seems like a really random topic, but trust me on this one.  

Cast your imaginations back a bit Ė imagine that weíre in the year 1896....


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