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Top Five Travel Books!     

Today we're handing over to our lovely work experience, Lucy Porter, to tell you all about her favourite travel books. Over to you, madame!  


The kids are back at school, the BBQ has been packed away for another year and the Pimms has been put safely back in the cupboard (okay, that’s...


School, School, School!     

It’s September and we’re somehow still clinging onto the last bit of summer weather – result! However, summertime is now well and truly over and, with that, comes the dreaded ring of the school bell. Today’s blog will be counting down ten of our favourite books set in schools – tell us...


September Releases (Part II)     

We promised you a two-parter. We weren’t lying. If you want to know a little more about what we’ve got coming up in September, read on!  


What else is going on?  


Will Cilla, pet ever leave our screens? We really, really hope not. In this biography, More»

September Releases (Part I)     

Would you believe that our September releases are SO HUGE that we’re going to have to do a two-part blog about them? Ridiculous. 

From secrets about the Krays, to much-needed comedy relief, we’ve got a corker of a September coming up – strap yourselves in and get ready to read! Tell us which...


The Best of Bobby     

After a review in the Telegraph which described the book as a ‘smart, punchy autobiography’, we thought we’d revisit our re-released Bobby Womack book for today’s blog. 


Bobby was no stranger to living a raucous life – you name it, he probably did it. On a plane with blind Ray...


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