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Work Experience in Publishing     
Today we're handing over to Soraya, our fantastic work experience candidate, who's going to tell you all of her tips, tricks (and pitfalls!) of interning in the publishing industry. What are you waiting for? Get reading!

When it comes to gaining work experience in the publishing...


Books Behind the Shows     
Today we hand over to our work experience, Chloe, who's going to be telling us about the books that your favourite TV shows are based on. Let's go!

More often than not if there’s something worth watching on TV, it’s more than likely that there was a book that came before it. So...


Literary Lunchbox     
Anyone who knows us will know that anything about food is right up our street. We're handing over to Jordan, our work experience, to talk you through the inspired idea of what to read on your lunch break...

Avid readers will all know the struggle of finding an appropriate time and place...


What is Creative NonFiction?     

We had over to our resident work experience - and literature buff - Eloise to talk about creative nonfiction and why it's so flipping important. Take it away!  

In the last couple of years, the genre Creative nonfiction has snowballed. Although the term is fairly new, the concept has...


101 Books Is Not Enough     
We're handing over to our fantastic work experience, Charlotte Lambert, to talk about the pressure and pleasure of reading books. 

There are lists and lists of books that ‘everybody must read’. From the more formal and rigid canon, to sites that recommend 101 books to read before...


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