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Being Jordan: My Autobiography

Being Jordan: My Autobiography

Katie Price
Hardback, John Blake Publishing
Date Published
May 2004
Katie Price is the woman behind one of Britain's most stunning creations. The devastatingly beautiful, larger-than-life Jordan, is never far from the front pages. She has a reputation for being outspoken, outrageous and never playing by the rules. Now, in this phenomenal autobiography, Katie Price steps out from behind the media frenzy, to reveal the truth about the sensational persona she has created, telling us the real stories behind the headlines and what it's really like - being Jordan!

About The Author
ordan was born Katie Price in 1978. She started modelling for a clothing company at the age of 13 and moved up to being a glamour model just a few years later. She's rarely been out of the limelight since.

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