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Branded By Ronnie Kray

Branded By Ronnie Kray

Lenny Hamilton
Paperback, John Blake Publishing
Date Published
Apr 2003
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Lenny Hamilton has a different story to tell about the Krays. Having been at the receiving end of one of Ronnie's most brutal acts of violence ever, he is merciless in his account of life under the Twins' reign of terror. A successful jewel thief, and a face on the London crime scene of the swinging sixties, Lenny has a wealth of stories of the glamorous lives of London's leading criminals. This is a brutally honest, throughly shocking account of one of the most terrifying eras of British criminal history. It will literally make your blood run cold.

About The Author
Lenny Hamilton was a cohort of the Krays when they were at the zenith of their power in London: he was also the victim of one of their most brutal acts of violence ever.