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Dr Nirdosh's Anti Ageing Secrets

Dr Nirdosh's Anti Ageing Secrets

Neetu Nirdosh
paperback, Metro
Date Published
june 2010
Everyone knows that the process of ageing is apparent externally, for example in wrinkles, thin skin and age lines; inevitably, it also affects us internally, leaving the body in a progressively fragile state. But what can we do to slow down this process? In this ground-breaking book, Dr Nirdosh shows that ageing can be controlled and even reversed using her unique face and body programme, which surges anti-ageing hormones back into you and puts an out-of-control body back in control of itself. As part of her unique regime, Dr Nirdosh has devised specialist yet simple ways of controlling the ageing process, including easy exercise techniques, a simple-to-follow diet, advice on which supplements to take and effective skin treatments. Each element of the programme stimulates the production of anti-ageing hormones and boosts skin cell immunity. This dual effect slows he ageing process, recaptures youth in the inside and out which will give you the ultimate non-surgical face and body lift!

About The Author
Dr Neetu Nirdosh is a Director of the renowned Dr Nirdosh anti-ageing clinic and a founder of, the exclusive online health, beauty and anti-ageing store. She has combined modern science with new technologies and has integrated ten years of clinical research to formulate an elite range of leading anti-ageing skin treatments. Dr Nirdosh regularly instructs the media, coaches magazine editors, directs beauty houses and advises celebrities. Her anti-ageing treatments are prescribed to many A-listers as part of their anti-ageing skincare routine.