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How to Submit a Manuscript

John Blake Publishing Ltd
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London, W14 9PB
United Kingdom

We are always looking for inspiring/shocking real life stories from ordinary people. If you have overcome adversity or lived through a dramatic personal experience please feel free to send a short synopsis to or by post to the address above. Please note that we do not accept fiction.

If you would like to submit your work for consideration please DO send:

  • A brief synopsis of your book, preferably chapter by chapter.
  • A covering letter with details about yourself, including details of any previously published material by you or any useful contacts or associations you have that might be relevant.
  • Sample chapters: this does not have to be the first chapter - send what you believe best illustrates your work and style.
  • A SAE. We can't return material to authors who have not sent a stamped addressed envelope with the correct postage.

Please DO NOT send:

  • Your entire manuscript.
  • Your only copy of the material, especially photographs and documents as we may not be able to return them.
  • Large attachments by email, including photographs and long Word documents.
  • We will try and reply within 3 months of submission. However we cannot be held responsible in any way for loss or damage of any material you submit.
  • We cannot give editorial comments on material.

If you submit material by e-mail, attachments should be no larger than 1MB. Any attached files should be saved as .RTF to be opened in Microsoft Word. Send to

Mark envelopes 'Submissions'.

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