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Howard Hughes - The Autobiography

Howard Hughes - The Autobiography

Clifford Irving
Paperback, John Blake Publishing
Date Published
Mar 2008
Wealth. Influence. Magnetism. Mystery.In twentieth century America, one man alone seemed to embody all these qualities. During a life which read like the wildest imaginings of a Hollywood scriptwriter, Howard Hughes - billionaire tycoon, pioneer aviator, playboy, eccentric and movie mogul - became an enigmatic recluse, hiding himself away in shady hotel suites and evading the public eye. Some believed him to be dead; others thought he had gone crazy. Few really knew the truth Ö So New York author and journalist Clifford Irving set out to do what no one else had done before - write the autobiography of Howard Hughes. Skilfully interweaving accurate research with outlandish fiction, Irving managed to convince the world his work was genuine, and sold it to a publisher for a record advance of $1m ÖBut eventually the tall tale unravelled - the book was unmasked as one of the greatest literary hoaxes of all time. Irving went to prison and the sensational manuscript , described as the most famous unpublished book of the century, lay untouched for over 30 years - until now. For the first time, here is the incredible, unexpurgated life story of one of American history's most intriguing figures.

About The Author
Clifford Irving is the author of 20 novels and works on investigative journalism, published worldwide. Portrayed by Richard Gere, he is the subject of the 2007 Miramax film, 'The Hoax'; but Irving maintains that 'The movie is itself a hoax'.