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I Was Keith Richards' Drug Dealer

I Was Keith Richards' Drug Dealer

Tony Sanchez
Hardback, Blake Publishing
Date Published
Aug 2003
The Rolling Stones. A band who spawned a thousand imitators. They took Rock 'n' Roll and shaped it in their own image and took it to heights that no other act of this or any other age has ever been able to climb to. There are many myths and truths, but nobody got closer to the Stones during their unprecedented rise, than Tony Sanchez. He knows the truth about the black magic, toad sacrifices, dead rats, fatherhood, violence, church-going, hells angels and mayhem that took The Rolling Stones beyond mere sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll and into the dimension of modern legend.

About The Author
Tony Sanchez supplied drugs to the Stones throughout their heyday in the Sixties and Seventies. As such he was part of the inner sanctum, and became closer to the band than anyone ever has.