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Inside The Underworld

Inside The Underworld

Eric Mason
Hardback, John Blake Publishing
Date Published
Mar 2007
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Eric Mason, a close friend and long-time member of the Kray twins' inner circle, is an underworld legend and a hardened 'old face' in his own right who has spent, in total, over thirty years behind bars. At 24, he awoke to find himslef strapped into a body belt in a strong box where he was forced to suffer two days without any food and a whole two weeks without the use of his hands or access to a toilet. He was flogged four times and was also the last man to endure the excessive pain of the cat o' nine tails. In this authobiography he vividly describes the agony of these tortures and the other atrocities he suffered at the hands of the penal system that existed in the forties, fifties and sixties. Eric first got to know the Kray twins during one of these horrific stints in Wandsworth prison, and upon his release he quickly beame one of their closest associates. He moved on to form associations with Frank 'The Mad Axeman' Mitchell, Jack 'The Hat' McVitie, John McVicar and the Great Train Robbery gang. In this honest and revealing book, Eric takes the reader into the criminal underworld, introduces many of the famous gangster characters and paints an intimate and intriguing pictue of what a gangster's life was really like. Using his insight into the Kray twins' lives, he dispels several of the rumours surrounding their actions and insist that they were not vindictive inividuals but a likeable pair who were considered heroes by nearly everyone who knew them. Fresh from fighting a campaign to clear his name after a recent drug-related conviction, this is his gripping true story.

About The Author
Eric Mason is a figure straight out of the East End gangster annals. One of the most fearless characters from that era, he is a true gentleman. He now lives in the North West of England.