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Is It Me Or Are All Politician Shite?

Is It Me Or Are All Politician Shite?

Mark Hanks and Ben Garrett
Paperback, Metro Publishing
Date Published
Sep 2007
Our leaders often make us laugh, but mostly out of disbelief at their antics, and this little tome won't disappoint in providing plenty of chuckles as we witness our esteemed statesmen, past and present, use nothing but their own words to prove him full of shite they really are. But, in the spirit of fair-play, an (unsurprisingly smaller) section features the rare moments where genuine humour has omehow found its way out of their mouths. Oh, and there's a chapter on stupid things the Royals have said for themselves over the years. So as the world goes increasingly mad, and as every politican proved badder than the last bad apple, leaf through this book and just try and have a laugh at it all.

About The Author
Mark Hanks and Ben Garrett are writers and editors who have nurtured an unhealthy obsession with the political animal to the point that they could only find comic relief in the painstaking task of compiling the mosti diotic statements in recent history. They are exhausted.