It's A Miracle

It's A Miracle

Irene Thompson
Paperback, John Blake Publishing
Date Published
Aug 2006
What is a miracle? In our complex and rapidly-changing world where it's hard to shock or surprise, amazing and inexplicable things still happen to ordinary people.

These remarkable events or experiences defy any kind of rational explanation. They are beyond our comprehension and control, seem humanly impossible and cannot be repeated. In short, they are miraculous. When we think about miracles, we tend to think of great drama, such as seas parting, the blind seeing, the dead emerging from their tombs however miracles are not just rare, biblical and life-changing experiences. They are, more often, coincidences of timing, small occurrences which are greater than our own influence over our lives.

It was the second miracle for Guy Tozzoli, president of the World Trade Centres Association when he was held up for 45 minutes by an accident on his way into the city.

He arrived just as United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into Tower 2.

In 1993, he cheated death by arriving at work early and parking his car only minutes before a bomb exploded, killing six people in the garage.

About The Author
Irene Thompson is a journalist and teacher of English as a foreign language.Her passion for writing and meeting people have happily combined in a varied career during which she has written for several international newspapers and magazines.