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Narrow Escapes & Lucky Breaks

Narrow Escapes & Lucky Breaks

Irene Thompson
Paperback, John Blake Publishing
Date Published
Aug 2007
Some of the stories in this book are funny, some are dramatic and others are heartwarming. All of them are incredible tales, whether astonishing brushes with death, medical marvels or animal magic and stand as gripping tetsament to the endurance of the human spirit. Janet Larson was on her way to New Orleans hospital to donate a kidney to her sick sister, buying her crucial time until a replacement could be found. By chance she sat next to Allen Van Meader, a man about to visit another hospital where his 25-year-old-nephew was dying from an accidental gunshot wound. The pair discovered that by chance the organ would be the right match for Janet's sister and she was saved. In Malta in 1941, the commanding officer of a detail on bomb-clearing duty suddenly shouted a warning. Seconds later, a buried bomb exploded, but not one soldier was inhured. The officer could not say what had made him shout out and save them from death.

About The Author
Irene Thompson is a journalist and teacher of English as a foreign language. Her nomadic genes and passion for meeting and writing about people have happily combined in a varied career during which she has written for newspapers and magazines in many countries.