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Privacy Policy is maintained by John Blake Publishing at 3 Bramber Court, 2 Bramber Road, London, W14 9PB, United Kingdom. Our telephone number is +44 (0)207 381 0666 and any queries about this site should be addressed to

Our Policy

We have a strict privacy policy at We will never sell, freely distribute or disclose any information you give us through this website. The only circumstances under which we would pass on information would be if we were absolutely obliged to do so by law.

Information We Collect

The only time that we will collect personal information from you is if you volunteer it yourself to use one of the services we provide. Our principal service provided is our online bookshop. When ordering a book we ask for the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Billing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

We may also collect the following optional information:

  • Shipping Address
  • Fax
  • Website

This information helps us to properly process your order. If you become a member of then we will keep these details on record, which should make ordering again with us easier.

The other most likely scenario in which we will collect information from you is if you enter a competition, in which case we will ask for an email address and a contact number to tell you that you've won.

If you do not volunteer information to us, you will be using this site anonymously and we will have no access to, nor will we try to access, personal information about you.

When paying for books on the website your card details are processed by Protx; therefore, we do not store or collect records of your credit or debit card numbers on our servers. All credit and debit card records are held on Protx's secure servers.

John Blake Publishing is independently owned and not part of a larger organisation which might use your personally identifiable information for marketing purposes. Any information you give us is dealt with on site, at our offices, by us.

Information We Might Send You

When becoming a member of we will ask you if you would like to receive emails from us from time to time keeping you informed of any products or information that might be of interest to you. If you don't want to receive these emails just indicate this in the registration form when you first sign up. If you do not choose to sign up for our newsletter, it will not affect your use of the site in any way.

If you decide at any time that you no longer wish to receive communications from us, then visit our un-subscribe page to un-subscribe and we will stop sending promotional emails to you. Make sure you un-subscribe the email address you used when you subscribed to the newsletter.

Cancelling Your Membership

If at any point you want to cease your membership with, please login into your account with username and password you created when you signed up, then delete your profile. Alternatively, you can send an email to requesting your profile to be deleted. Please include your full name, address, username and email address to help us correctly identify your profile.

About Cookies

We do use cookies on this site. These are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer to help customise your use of our site.

Cookies can tell us when you visited our site and where you went on it. We may use this information to see which parts of the site are most useful to you, so that we can plan a more effective website in the future.

You can set your browser up so that it won't receive cookies, but this may affect your use of the site.

There may be links on our site which may take you to other sites that do not have our privacy policy or our terms and conditions. These sites might put cookies on your computer and use them differently to us. We can't be responsible for any abuse of your privacy by any such third party.

Again if you have any queries about our privacy policy or any other aspect of this website then please email

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