Psychic Pets

Psychic Pets

Emma Heathcote-James
paperback, John Blake
Date Published
Nov 2010
Is your pet special?
When you talk to it, do you feel it is listening and even understanding?
Has an animal ever saved your life - physically, emotionally or spiritually?

Like humans, animals are spiritual beings. Their many qualities include unconditional love, joy, forgiveness, patience, courage, and gratitude - virtues that are often lacking in our high-tech world.

We all know a pet that can anticipate its owners' return home, but did you know that some dogs even have the ability to spot cancerous tumours? Horses have been known to drag their injured riders back to the stables; the US Epilepsy Intitute say that dogs can tell when someone is about to have a seizure; and all types of animals are now used in alternative therapy.

In this riveting collection of testimonials from around the world, Emma Heathcote-James investigates and celebrates inspirational tales of amazing animals. Do pets possess an innate psychic ability which gives them powers of perception and even permits them to see into the future?

It's time to take a look at what we humans might be missing...and to give our pets the respect that they are due.