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The Alternative Book Of Records

The Alternative Book Of Records

Philip J Gould and Ralf Laue
Hardback, Metro Publishing
Date Published
Nov 2004
Welcome to the most eccentric, weird and downright zany record book you are ever likely to find. This incredible tome is the result of many painstaking years of research that has culminated in a crazy compendium of incredible and unusual feats. Ranging from amazing acts of dexterity, strength and agility, to those set down the pub, to others that are just plain ridiculous, the records in this book are inspirational because all of them are achievable - there's nothing stopping you from having a go at any one of them yourself! From pulling 'roplanes and barges to lying on a bed of nails, there really is a challenge for everyone. You've got an alternative task-and-a-half on your hands if you want to be a winner.

About The Author
Ralf Laue is also multi-record holder himself and Philip J Gould, personal fitness trainer, assisted Ralf with he's achievements and the creation of