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The Complete Medical Tourist

The Complete Medical Tourist

David Hancock
Paperback, John Blake Publishing
Date Published
Mar 2006
Medical tourism is one of the fastest-growing businesses on earth. With the rising price of treatment in the UK and long waiting lists, there's never been a better time to combine a trip abroad with a treatment. Plus many other countries have not been affected by the deadly MRSA bug in the same way that the UK has - another reason why going outside the UK is an attractive option. Hospitals overseas are clean, well-staffed and the food is great. What more could you ask for? Nothing - except the guide to know where to go - and here it is. The first section of the book deals with the different types of medical procedures and at the end of each is a cross-reference to countries listed in part two. There are 24 countries you can visit which will give you the help you need at a price that can't be matched in the UK.

About The Author
David Hancock has been a journalist and writer for more tha 30 years, working for top papers such as the Daily Mirror and The Times. He decided to write about medical tourism when he fractured his hip and learned the bitter lesson of the NHS first hand.