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You Positively Couldn't Make It Up

You Positively Couldn't Make It Up

Jack Crossley
Paperback, John Blake Publishing
Date Published
Oct 2006
After the runaway cult success of You Couldn't Make It Up, You Really Couldn't Make it up, and You Absolutely Couldn't Make It Up Jack Crossley returns with his latest cornucopia of wonderful anecdotes and strange goings-on from around the British Isles. In his many years as a newspaper journalist, Jack Crossley has collected literally thousands of these strange but true newspaper items. They are stories that you wouldn't believe if they weren't written down in black and white. You Positively Couldn't Make It Up is another wonderful collection of irresistible whimsy; a testament to Great Britain's lasting legacy of eccentricity, bizarre bureaucracy and confounding stubbornness!

About The Author
Jack Crossley is a leading journalist who has written for pretty much every newspaper you care to mention. He has a keen eye for the weird and the wonderful of British life, which he captures with such precision in this charming book.