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Giggsy - A Modern Day Legend     
It's official... Wales has taken the English Premier League by storm. Now that Cardiff City FC have been promoted to the top flight to join Swansea, two Welsh teams will be flying the Red Dragon banner for the first time in the league's history.

One Welshman has also been taking headlines,... More

Street Fighting Man     
'Paddy Monaghan is my main man, my brother' - Muhammad Ali

British boxing is this week teetering between the brilliant and the absurd. Carl 'Cobra' Froch looks to regain his pride against vanquisher Mikkel Kessler in tomorrow night's title match. Meanwhile, Audley Harrison reverses his... More

Emily Lloyd: The Golden Girl of British Cinema     
They say you don't choose acting; acting chooses you. But then, having Roger Lloyd-Pack as a father (you might know him best as the character Trigger in Only Fools and Horses) meant that Emily was always likely to head down the hard path of acting for a living.

In her own words, Emily's... More

Brits choose the Sixties....     
The place is London, and the year is 1966. It's a time when anything seems possible, especially if you are a young, free-spirited, mini-skirted girl in search of adventure and independence. An incredible explosion of pop music, fashion and youth culture has turned London into the most 'swinging'... More

The Bells of WWII Still Chime Today     
With each year that passes, the legacy of the brave men and women who changed the course of history in World War II grows ever brighter, rather than dimming with time. The unearthing of fresh accounts of inspirational bravery are consistently shedding new light on old stories, bringing... More

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