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The Easter Food Hangover     

Oh, the joys of the Easter aftermath. As we waddle back to work, bellies burgeoning after a weekend of good eating, it can be easy to take it all for granted. Most of us have enjoyed the chance to stuff ourselves with chocolate or make merry with family and friends over a hearty...


England Expects     

So, England take on the mighty San Marino tonight in a state of disarray. More worryingly though, Montenegro await on Tuesday in a clash which could leave our hopes of World Cup qualification in limbo.  

Football fans up and down the country woke up to the news this week...


Mother's Day - 10th March     
Mother's Day is this Sunday 10th March....if you are looking for the perfect gift for your mum, then look no further....MARY BERRY - QUEEN OF BRITISH BAKING is a wonderful biography of the Bake Off star and as an extra bonus it's on special offer at amazon for just £8.09.

The 85th Oscars     
There was a greater than normal number of groggy and disgruntled workers on Monday morning as us Brits paid the price once again for the blasted time difference between us and the USA. And the insistence of the Academy to host the awards on a Sunday - why do they do that?? Anyway, if you did... More

Oscars for Day-Lewis?     
Daniel Day-Lewis was born into the most artistic family possible - his mother was the actress Jill Balcon and his father was no less than the Poet Laureate Cecil Day-Lewis - so it is hardly surprising that he went on to become as strong an artist as he did. After leaving school he was left with... More

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