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Brits choose the Sixties....     
The place is London, and the year is 1966. It's a time when anything seems possible, especially if you are a young, free-spirited, mini-skirted girl in search of adventure and independence. An incredible explosion of pop music, fashion and youth culture has turned London into the most 'swinging'... More»

The Bells of WWII Still Chime Today     
With each year that passes, the legacy of the brave men and women who changed the course of history in World War II grows ever brighter, rather than dimming with time. The unearthing of fresh accounts of inspirational bravery are consistently shedding new light on old stories, bringing... More»

The brave voice of a Stolen Girl     

Last Tuesday morning, viewers up and down the country were shocked and deeply moved when they tuned into ITV’s This Morning show to hear the story of Katie Taylor, a young woman who has faced down a harrowing ordeal and flourished against the odds into an inspirational survivor....


The Race To End All Races     

Of all the sporting events enthroned in popular culture, does any inspire more awe and respect than the marathon? The fabled story of Greek messenger Pheidippides running the distance from the battlefields of Marathon to Athens to deliver his triumphant message – before...


Rockney Gods Hit the Road Again     
There are two kinds of Rock ‘n’ Roll fans: those who love a bit of Chas & Dave, and those who haven’t listened to them yet.

Their unique brand of swaggering cockney vocals and foot-tapping bluesy boogie is a winning combination which is just impossible not to nod your head to – and...


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