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Girls with Balls     
After a quick flick through the papers on any given Sunday, you could generally be forgiven for thinking that English women don't do team sports. But with the Women's Euros in full swing, and England clinging on by their fingernails, national interest in the game is at an uncharacteristic... More

England and Kevin Pietersen in the hunt for the Ashes     
Last weekend was a golden one for British sport. Andy Murray's heroics at Wimbledon gave the nation a sporting performance to celebrate. But it was the British and Irish Lions who gave them a victory to gloat over, in their series against Australia. 
  Some would say there is little an... More

Sarah Millican: The Unlikely Comedian     
There's a joke doing the rounds: How many authentically talented comedians does it take to do a comedy panel show? Answer: It doesn't really matter as long as they're middle-class white blokes.  
  Okay, so the joke isn't really doing the rounds, but it might as well be. Surely there has... More

Wimbledon Beckons in Summer as Clash of Tennis Titans Looms...     

And so on Monday, the start of summer will, in annual tradition, be unofficially heralded by the advent of Wimbledon, the nation's most cherished and nostalgic sporting event. Green and purple blazers, strawberries and cream and distinctly sunburned noses will blend together to...


Gary Barlow: Time to Shine     
Auditions for the UK's favourite talent show, the X Factor, are finally underway and will be aired on ITV later this year. The judging panel is led by head judge Gary Barlow - perhaps the only man with the star quality needed to replace Simon Cowell himself. Gary is also one of the masterminds... More

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