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Bookish BRIT Awards - Part Two     
Ladies and gentlemen, we're here with the second (and final) installment of our Bookish BRIT Awards 2014. What did you think of yesterday's list? Do you agree with our choices? Comment below to let us know. 
  And the weird statue with the frisbee through its head goes to... 

Bookish BRIT Awards - Part One     

When I was considering this idea, two thoughts popped into my head. Firstly, we dont have Beyoncé. Secondly, how do we get Beyoncé?    

Aside from these minor details, its time to bring you our version of the BOOKISH BRIT AWARDS. Minus the performances, questionable dress sense, and...


The Best Reads of 2013     
So, the infamous Blake Christmas party takes place tomorrow. Sadly, this means that we're drawing close to the end of yet another year. 
  We thought we'd add a little bit of festive cheer by telling you all about our favourite books from 2013. Not all of them were published this year, but... More

Christmas Competition!     

Its almost Christmas. Here at Blake HQ, weve got tinsel, a miniature Christmas tree perched perilously atop a water cooler and baubles with our faces on them. Its safe to say that were very, very excited for holidays.  


Lets back up for a second though were not here to...


The Doctors - Who's Who     
"Amy Pond, there's something you'd better understand about me 'cause it's important, and one day your life may depend on it: I am definitely a mad man with a box!"  -the Doctor: Season 5, episode 1. 
  On Saturday, 23 November 1963, whilst an American president was assassinated and... More

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